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MKGP Training and Education Events...

MKGP Federation has a Training and Education Scheme which provides training to our members.

On 18th September, MKGP Federation hosted several events:

  • Nurse Immunisations
  • Vulnerable Health and Pain
  • Vulnerable Health and New Patient Pathway

We received fantastic feedback from these events—with many reporting that the afternoon would enable them to change their practice.

If you are interested in joining our scheme or you would like to provide support to our events, please contact us on 01908 360170

Clarity Team Net

MKGP Federation purchased a 3 year contract on Clarity Team Net for the practices in Milton Keynes.

Clarity Team Net will give access to the whole team, at as many locations as they like and allows practices to manage:

  • Policies, procedures and other documents
  • Full visibility and control of review dates, audit trails, versions acknowledgements
  • Structured practice audits
  • Compliments and complaints, including status and records of progress
  • Drug expiry
  • Fridge monitoring
  • HR Checks for staff, including timed and repeating checks
  • Premises checks, including timed and repeating checks
  • Safety alerts, including alerts on overdue responses and audit trail of relevance and actions
  • Significant events
  • Staff appraisals, including reminders
  • Staff training register with reminders and training ‘dashboard’
  • Absences and holidays, including sick leave, manager approval and automatic allowance calculations
  • Custom pages, such as for staff induction or clinical topics
  • System alerts and automated email reminders for many of the above to the relevant people.

If you would like to know more about Clarity Team Net, please click here

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