Training & Education

Training and Education

In early 2018, our Training and Education scheme was born, clinicians who join the scheme are eligible to attend any of the training events for that year.  Previous event topics have included Sepsis, Family Planning, COPD and Vulnerable Health. All clinicians are welcome to attend the events including those outside our member organisations eg. Community pharmacists, District Nurses, locum GPs are encouraged to join.

If you are interested in learning more about this scheme, please contact us.

Our Training Team

MKGP have a Training and Education Team who meet every 6 weeks to review the opportunities we can provide to our members.  We believe that additional training is vital to development and welcome suggestions from our members for further training opportunities. We also look at recent referral data and look to target areas where improvements to services can be made via additional training.



The training team work hard to secure training or funding for our members via various different sources. We work in collaboration with various companies to deliver smaller training afternoons and have connections to organise specialised training where identified.  


To keep our members up to date we have a training and education calendar on our internal website, this is updated regularly with a range of relevant opportunities for all job roles.

Our Training and Education Scheme

MKGP has a Training and Education Scheme which provides training to our members.

Previously, MKGP Federation have hosted event on;

  • Nurse Immunisations
  • Vulnerable Health and Pain
  • Cancer 
  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Sepsis
  • Gynaecology
  • Respiratory
  • ENT

Future Events

The Training and Education team are currently reviewing the requirements for 2022 and we will shortly publish our programme of events.


Feedback from our Events

We have received fantastic feedback from our events - with many reporting that the training has enabled them to reflect and change their practice.

Some feedback from our prevous events -

“Good informative PLT event, Please arrange future events with good speakers as was done today”

“Thank you for talk from 'Sepsis survivor' such a shocking personal account”

“Good refresher session to Asthma and COPD Management”

“Fibromyalgia talk excellent - very educated”