Working Together

Collaborative Working


MKGP Plus Ltd partners with others to ensure Primary Care is in the best possible position to thrive.

Our Board represent members at National, STP, Place and PCN events.

We foster good working relations with stakeholders; providers, third sector, patients and the wider public

We believe that working at scale and integration are not just buzz words, but are a way of achieving the best and most cost effective clinically safe services.

We are always open to partnering with others to achieve the best outcomes.


Our Partners

MKGP Plus Ltd believe that in order to evolve and energise Primary Care, we need to have a joined up approach and work collaratively with others. Some of the key partners we currently work with are listed below:     

MKGP Federation (MKGP Plus and MKGP Limited)

Parkside Medical Centre

Whalley Drive




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